Solent Southampton University

A new online presence

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The project

Zengenti were approached by Solent Southampton University to design and develop a brand new website. I was appointed Design Lead and collaborated with the UX agency, Clear Left in the discovery phase of the project.

Following extensive UX workshops with the client - we quickly developed a plan of action, highlighting key goals with the creation of personas, user stories and the ideation process of mood-boards and layouts.

Solent Southampton University, is a fairly new organisation and it isn’t known for its reputation. One of the main goals for this project was to focus on student recruitment. From our research, we opted to showcase key facts and statistics as a priority, as well as the focus on designing an attractive and informative course page.

We took an eCommerce approach in the IA, and imagined that each course is a product. The Journey from the homepage to a filtered search would produce results like a eCommerce product page. After all students are buying courses.


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