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The project

Incoder is a SaaS code templating tool for developers which speeds up the developing process of creating software. The platform offers a way to template your code and re-use it for future projects, resulting in the reduction of code repetition, and enables developers to focus on innovating features they want to work on. In fact, we’ve worked out that Incoder speeds up development time up to 80%. Rather than the ‘low-code’ and ‘no-code’ solutions that are currently available, Incoder has created a brand new market to empower developers.


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Product demo and feedback
Tech Crunch, San Francisco

The problem

One of the main issues we face in software delivery is that it takes too long to get designs developed, tested and launched. Because of this, there is no time to innovate, invent and experiment. Often projects overrun and because of this, features get de-prioritised.

The software and web industry has addressed these issues, with drag and drop low-code, no-code solutions, but there are limitations. You’re tied into a platform, you don’t own your own code, and you are restricted to limited code customisations.

The solution

Following extensive brain-storming sessions with the team, we came up with the name, Incoder, and then began the design phase of the brand. The logo design itself references movement and automation; cogs intertwining, creating cognitive thinking as part of artificial intelligence. The logo also represents unity, layers of abstraction, community, and collaboration.

During the design phase of the project, we began by event storming and mapping out all of the user journeys before designing wireframing and creating flows. After receiving initial feedback from potential customers, we began conceptualising the high fidelity designs. We found a large number of developers prefer the dark theme of their IDE’s and we wanted to reflect that in our interface. We also wanted to have the ability for developers to customise their colours just as you would in an IDE.

Using different products from the Incoder suite, you can create pixel-perfect code from Sketch to HTML/CSS or React to a fully working app with authentication. The Sketch plugin also uses the linking tool to enable Incoder to add links to the application and make a real clickable, pixel-perfect product or prototype.

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Tech Crunch, San Francisco 2019

Going to Tech Crunch and San Francisco was an incredible experience, and it was an honour to be one of the select few to have the chance to demo our product to developers, business owners, and investors. The feedback we received was amazing and a clear confirmation that this product is something that is missing in the industry and it will massively help developers speed up their workflow.

Product demo and feedback
Tech Crunch, San Francisco
Sketch to React Application Application



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