A brand refresh

The Company

Remote is an established software agency for over 20 years; specialising in designing and developing bespoke software solutions for companies of all sizes. Their impressive portfolio and experience shows the depth and versatility they bring to any given project, with clients ranging from startups to large organisation such as Volkswagen and Volvo.


Lead design, UX, illustration, front-end development




A brand refresh

Remote is a pragmatic and forward-thinking company and it’s imperative that their brand not only reflects this but evolves to attract new clients in an ever-changing landscape. Whilst reviewing the existing brand, we wanted to add new secondary colour palettes to give the brand more versatility, depth in stand out moments on marketing collateral and campaigns.

Brand Guidelines Brand Guidelines Brand Guidelines Brand Guidelines Brand Guidelines

A new website

The new website started out as just a homepage review and after discussions, this naturally evolved to a whole new website. One of the reasons being technical, as we wanted to upgrade the umbraco CMS and also improve the legacy code, which has been retrospectively revamped over time.

With new marketing goals, we wanted to focus on the main messaging on targeting startups, scale-ups, and high performing teams. Bringing in the new colour palette meant we could draw the users attention to these three striking areas. We made the decision to hide the navigation in the header to funnel the user to the service links below the main heading and the three main Call to Actions.

Product demo and feedback
Tech Crunch, San Francisco



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