Desktop application for SAP contractors

The Client

Ten80 is a digital platform that enables SAP developers to pick up contract work from the comfort of their home, without needing to commute onsite. The disruptive software features a jobs board, so developers can apply and bid for contract jobs. Contractors can keep track of their earnings, increase their skill rating and choose the hours they want to work.


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The problem

The solution

The Ten80 platform enables contractors to apply for work that suits their lifestyle, which means they no longer rely on recruitment companies for work. Remote working means, no more costly commuting costs and missing out on family time. Contractors can bid directly, and set their own day rate. In return, companies are receiving suitable applicants which they can vet easily themselves. Companies can also search for contractors that meet certain skills and invite them to apply for contracts. This bypasses the recruitment companies, reducing time and cost.

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Contractor ratings

The rating panel is scored by experiences and skills that are validated by a previous client or by an education certificate. The rating panel also features a skill level rating which is given once a contract has been completed. The client will be able to review the contractor by giving them a score based on different areas. This includes questions like; quality of work, communication, and knowledge of the functional area. Not only does this make sure that the contractors are always on top of their game, but it also makes sure that during the application phase, the process of vetting developers are easier and more effective.

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